Mephit Fur Meet

Hi Mephit Fur Meet Family.

We have some really sad news. Mephit Fur Meet 2020 is canceled.

It was a really hard decision to make. The leadership kicked ideas around between us for weeks before reluctantly making a unanimous decision. There’s no way we could have MFM in 2020 and have it be anything like the furry family reunion we all know and love.

We tried to figure out what a socially distant MFM would look like. It would mean we’d have to limit attendance to most events. The things that make MFM unique, like our pizza dinner on Friday night, would be nothing like what we’ve come to expect. We’d have to ask that people not congregate on the sofas. The game room would be all weird, if we could even figure out how to run it at all. It just… wouldn’t be our convention.

And even more importantly than that, we couldn’t promise that we’d be able to keep everyone safe.

When faced with a choice between having an event that wasn’t really MFM, and knowing that even with that we’d be risking people’s lives, we knew what we had to do. Put all of our plans on hold for a year, and pick it up again next year.

We’ll be back in 2021, and we want to make sure the entire Mephit Fur Meet family returns with us. We don’t wanna leave anyone behind.

So how are we gonna do this?


All reservations at the Whispering Woods in the MFM20 group code have been automatically canceled. You don’t have to do anything.

If you’d like to contact the hotel to make sure your reservation has been canceled, email Latoya Moore ( at the Whispering Woods directly.


Our Dealer’s Den team will work with you. Please fill out our form help our team know what your preferences are.


We’re gonna start fresh in 2021. We’ll announce when registration for MFM 2021 is open, which will happen this fall. (We’re hoping for the first part of October 2020.)

If you’ve registered and paid for MFM 2020, and would like a refund or to roll over your registration to 2021, we’ll work with you. You can request a refund or rollover here: You have until August 7th, 2020 to make your request.

If you’re able to spare the registration fee and would like to donate it back to Mephit Fur Meet we would greatly appreciate it. We have a bunch of expenses we’re still going to have to pay, even with the convention being canceled. If you would just like to donate the money to Mephit Fur Meet you don’t have to do anything. Your donation will help us keep MFM alive and well into 2021.

Tiger Haven

The kitties are still going to need our help. They don’t know that there’s a global pandemic going on. If you were going to donate money to Tiger Haven to help the kitties, you still can. They have a form on their website that’ll allow you to donate directly to them. We encourage you to do so, they’re really going to miss us this year.

We know you might have a bunch of questions, so we’ve started collecting them on our MFM 2020 Cancelation FAQ. If your question isn’t on the FAQ, feel free to reach out to our leadership directly. 💌

Mephit Fur Meet 2021 Postcard

Stay safe, Mephit Fur Meet family. We want to welcome each and every one of you home for Mephit Fur Meet 2021. 💜