Mephit Fur Meet

August 28 - 31, 2014 in Olive Branch, Mississippi

Auction looking for your help

Beyond the usual, we need your help by bringing cool items to donate and by being at the auction and bring your monies.
Have you ever wanted to take a bigger part in helping Tiger Haven and our charity auction? As much as I love my minions I'm looking for some new help that is interested in learning the ins and outs and committing some real time towards being a big part of helping keep the big cats safe, healthy and fed. Message me if you are interested or join us at auction acceptance at the con to help out!


Voting is Open for the 2014 T-Shirt Contest! [UPDATED]

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 14:31 -- Bunny

UPDATE: We're done! Look for the winning design at MFM2014! :)

It's time to pick a winner! Voting for the Mephit Fur Meet 2014 Attendee's Choice T-Shirt Contest is now open! We had some really amazing entries this year!

To vote, go to the voting booth and cast your ballot! Only one entry per attendee is allowed. Voting will close July 27th, 2014 at 11:59pm, so cast your ballot today!

Race for Tiger Haven!

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 21:48 -- Bunny

We welcome you to join us for a Mario Kart 8 tournament this year at Mephit Fur Meet! To participate in this 16 player tournament, each player must signup and buy-in with $10 to support our charity, Tiger Haven. The kitties will thank you! Please see the schedule for locations and times!

Read on for more information!

3 Months!!!

Do you realize it's only about three months till MFM?!
Time to start getting excited!

Now is the time to be looking for awesome stuff to donate to the Tiger Haven Charity auction at MFM.
It's yard sale season and you never know what hidden gem you might find there.
It's just enough time to work in making something for the auction. Do you sew? Make a plush! Do you draw? Make a cool piece of art. Use your talents to help our beloved big kitties in need.



Mephit Fur Meet, or simply MFM, is a furry convention held every year since 1997 over Labor Day weekend in Memphis, Tennessee. What started off as a pizza party over a long weekend has turned in a full blown fun time drawing nearly 700 people from all over the United States and the world.