Code of Conduct

The following is the Code of Conduct for Mephit Fur Meet. Please read it carefully, you are expected to follow it while at MFM.


The Mid-South and Tennessee Anthropomorphic Art Association (aka Mephit Furmeet aka MFM) hosts an annual gathering of friends and family, to raise awareness of anthropomorphic art, and raise money for our chosen charity. To help ensure these goals are met, we have established the following code of conduct for Mephit Furmeet. This code applies to all attendees, staff, volunteers and directors in attendance. For the purpose of this document, it is considered to be in effect from the moment you arrive at the host hotel and convention until you depart. Please note, opening and closing ceremonies do not mark the official start and end of the convention.

It is the goal of Mephit Furmeet to make everyone that attends MFM feel welcome and accepted. The goal of these rules is not to provide restrictions, but to help everyone feel as safe and welcome as we can possibly be.


Security Staff

Security Staff will have distinctive uniforms and/or badges and will be patrolling or stationed at needed locations. Please cooperate with MFM and hotel security at all times. (Hotel staff does have the same authority as a member of the convention Security Staff.) If MFM Security or Hotel staff asks you to move your activities or modify your behavior, failure to do so will be considered a violation of the convention Code of Conduct.


Three Strikes Rule

MFM operates on the three strikes rule. We feel that attendees should have an opportunity to correct any behavior that is in violation of the code of conduct. All violations of the code of conduct will be documented to provide transparency. If a violation of the code of conduct is deemed severe, the directors reserve the right to forgo the three strikes rule and revoke membership on the first offense.


Minors and Adult Materials

Any attendee under the age of 18 will be issued a Minor badge, and any attendee who is under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times in MFM-controlled areas, including the Dealers Den and the Con Suite. Parents/Guardians will be held responsible for issues or damage caused by their children.

The general rating of the convention is considered to be “PG” at all times in all convention and public hotel space. Special events that are designated as “After Dark” events are considered inappropriate for minors, and are an exception to this rule. Security or MFM staff will attempt to prevent any unauthorized access by minors. Badges must be worn at all times during these special events.


Displays of Affection

While Mephit Furmeet promotes tolerance and diversity, PDA (Public Display of Affection) and nudity will not be allowed. Back scratches and hugging are acceptable, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Please use common sense. If you have to ask or think twice about doing something in public, take it to your room.



Attendees, while in public areas (lobby, parking lot, hallways for example) may not wear clothing that is overly revealing or inappropriate for the “PG” rating of the convention. Bondage, fetish gear (including leashes) is not allowed in public spaces. Due to the nature of the fandom, collars are permitted, however, leashes are considered not only a fetish item but a safety hazard, and may not be worn in public spaces. Because of the risk of injury, leashes may not be connected to someone’s neck at any time, regardless of location.

Security staff will ask that articles of clothing/costumes that are representative of hate groups, gangs, terrorist organizations, political/religious/animal hate groups or that are determined to be inappropriate by the Directors be removed and not displayed while at the convention. This includes but is not limited to certain military/organizational uniforms both reenactment or cosplay versions. Making everyone feel welcome at Mephit Furmeet is always our goal, so our Directors reserve the right to make a decision at any time on the appropriateness of attire.


Inappropriate Artwork/Behavior

If an attendee is found to be drawing, displaying, affixing or writing hateful, offensive items, or items that violate our PG rating in/on public message boards, art jam posters, convention signage, or any other hotel or convention area they will have their membership revoked and will not be welcome back at MFM in the future.

MFM is not a political forum. We deal with politics on a daily basis and this weekend is an escape for many of our attendees. Please refrain from displaying/distributing political paraphernalia or campaigning for any political party. If your behavior is deemed unacceptable for any reason not mentioned in this Code of Conduct, the MFM Directors reserve the right to revoke your membership.


Use of Badges

You must wear your badge at all times while in public convention space. Your badge will contain a badge name of your choosing, and a unique number. You may not alter the badge in any way to permanently obscure any of these elements. You must show the full badge, to any member of con staff, security, hotel staff, or law enforcement agency that requests it. If you alter your badge in a way to break this rule, you will be required to replace your badge at your own expense. Any person found using a counterfeit badge will be turned over to hotel security. Anyone found making copies of their badge for others will have their membership permanently revoked. “Lobby Conning” or “Ghosting” the convention is not permitted. Anyone found attempting to “Ghost” the convention will be offered the opportunity to purchase a membership. Failure to purchase a membership will result in removal from convention space.


Smoking and E-Cigarettes / “Vaping”

Per hotel policy, all public areas and sleeping rooms of the hotel are non-smoking. This includes vaping. Whispering Woods is 100% smoke free, you may only smoke in designated areas outside the hotel. Whispering Woods’ policy on E-Cigarettes / Blu cigarettes / vapor cigarettes is that it is treated as a regular cigarette and can only used in the appropriately designated areas. Evidence of smoking in the guest room will result in a $150 charge to the guest’s credit card by Whispering Woods.



Weapons or items that can be easily mistaken for a weapon are not allowed at the convention. This also applies to any legal permits you may have to carry a weapon. We do not disagree with your right to carry a legal weapon, but attendance of the convention means you cannot carry it at MFM. Single blade folding “pocket knives” under 3 inches in length or small Multi tools are allowed. Policy, laws and regulations of the local jurisdiction and hotel rules take precedence.

Non-Realistic, prop weapons will be allowed as part of a costume. These prop weapons must be inspected, approved, and bonded by a member of MFM Security prior to display.



Harassment of any convention participant, of any type or in any way, will not be tolerated. Harassment is a major violation and will result in removal of your badge and expulsion from the convention. If you are attempting to interact with another attendee, staff member, or hotel staff, and are told “No” or “Leave me alone,” you are expected to stop your interaction with that individual. If you find yourself a victim of harassment of any kind, please notify a member of Security immediately so the situation may be dealt with.

Harassment includes but is not limited to: Physical Assault, Stalking, Personal Conduct/Speech, Dress/Costume, Physical/Verbal Threats, and violations of personal space.


Goods for Sale

There is to be no selling of any goods or services outside of the Dealer’s Den and MFM-sanctioned auctions. Please consult the MFM Dealer’s Den Policies for more information. If you are found selling outside the sales area, your information will be turned over to the Mississippi Department of Taxation for sales tax collection.


Criminal Mischief

Any attendee found intentionally engaging in acts which endanger life or property (pulling fire alarms as a prank or hotel vandalism are good examples of this) will have their membership revoked on the first offense. They will also be considered unwelcome to future events sponsored by MST3A. For egregious offenses, law enforcement may be called. Issues will be handled by Whispering Woods security. Whispering Woods management will then choose if they will file criminal charges.


Hotel Property Damages

Do not damage hotel property. This includes, but is not limited to drawing on walls, furniture, tablecloths, etc. You are liable for any damage to the hotel property. Any damage to hotel property will be handled between yourself and our hotel, not Mephit Furmeet. Mephit Furmeet will provide the hotel with as much information as they request for the purposes of identifying the parties responsible for damages, including (but certainly not limited to) use of our Security team and registration database.


Service Animals

Do not interfere with service animals. They are there to provide for the safety of our attendees who require them. Do not pet a service animal without permission of its handler. If you harass a service animal, it will be viewed as harassing the owner and the harassment policy will be enforced.

Service Animals/Emotional Support Animals must be leashed and under the control of their owner/handler at all times while in convention space. Retracting leashes must be locked to prevent the animal from freely roaming away from the owner/handler. If a service animal becomes a nuisance (running free, growling, excessive barking) at or to other service animals or attendees, the owner will be asked to remove the animal from the convention space. We follow ADA regulations as far as Service Animals and will do what we can to accommodate Emotional Support Animals but the same MFM rules apply for either. Owners of these animals are responsible for any “biological accidents” their animals may have in and on hotel grounds. When you walk your animal you are required to clean up after them.



Pets are not allowed in con-controlled areas. You are encouraged to check with the hotel to determine what their policy is regarding pets in your hotel room. Mephit Furmeet is held during the summer in the south, so we ask that you do not leave pets in your car. If MFM Security is alerted to or discovers a pet or service animal locked in a car, appropriate actions will be taken to alert the local authorities and the owner of the animal will not be welcome back to MFM.


Press and Media

In accordance with respect to local and state laws, Mid-South and Tennessee Anthropomorphic Art Association doing business as Mephit Furmeet and also known as MFM, will not allow any type of photographic or video media coverage in any convention controlled areas. This includes but is not limited to any convention-controlled space. MFM also requires that every attendee must consent in writing to being photographed or recorded in any public space at the convention hotel location by the press and the written consent must be kept on file for a minimum of one year. If not all attendees consent to this, then any type of broadcast or publication is not allowable by any media outlet. It is also not allowed to photograph or record from any public space into any convention-controlled space. Any media wishing to discuss coming to MFM must do so a minimum of 90 days prior to the start of the event.

If a member of the press is found by any MFM attendee, they should contact a staff member immediately so that the staff member may present them a written copy of the MFM Press Policy in addition to an information packet about MFM.

No photographs or video of MFM may be used for any type of commercial use without prior written consent of Mid-South and Tennessee Anthropomorphic Art Association and cannot be used for any financial gain. Any personal photos or video that are taken at MFM and placed on the Internet, if asked, must be taken down immediately.


Internet Access

Hotel internet access is provided as a convenience for attendees. Any attempt to compromise or gain unauthorized access to the hotel networks will be seen as a crime and turned over to hotel security and local authorities.

Anyone found using an MFM-provided network for illegal or inappropriate activities such as trading of copyrighted music, software, movies, or mature subject matter will have further access to all MFM-provided networks terminated permanently. Violators may also face revocation of convention membership privileges.



Please do not leave any valuables in your vehicles or plain view in your room especially if you are hosting room parties. The hotel and MFM will do all we can to ensure nothing will be taken but are not responsible for anything missing. In other words, use common sense, but ultimately, keeping your valuables safe is not the responsibility of Mephit Furmeet.


Barbecue Grills / Open Flame

Barbecue grills may not be used inside your hotel room or on hotel balconies. You may not have an open flame in your hotel room or balcony.


Alcohol Consumption/Drug Use

There is no open consumption allowed in any MFM controlled space without prior written approval from the MFM Directors. Consumption should be limited to private rooms or in the hotel bar or restaurant area. Any minor found consuming alcohol will be turned over to hotel security and have their membership to Mephit Fur Meet revoked.

MFM is a drug free organization. Drug use/sales/distribution is not tolerated at the convention. Any individual suspected to be using, distributing, or selling any illegal substance will be reported to local law enforcement.


Room Parties

MFM welcomes room parties as long as they stay in control. Room parties are responsible for verifying the age of attendees and preventing minors from accessing alcohol, if alcohol will be served. Furthermore, if minors are found consuming alcohol, those running the room party will be reported to local authorities. The hotel requests things are kept quiet after 11pm and if after being asked to turn things down, security has to make a return visit, the party will be shut down. The Critter Cafe is not the room party supply, anyone found taking beyond normal amounts of things will be banned from the Critter Cafe. You are expected to clean up after any gatherings in your hotel room. Do not leave excessive amounts of garbage in your hotel room.