MFM Con Ops: Lost and Found, Medical Needs, and How to Get in Contact

What is MFM Con Ops?

Who is MFM Con Ops? We’re the folks that keep Mephit Fur Meet running in the background. It’s our goal to ensure you have a good time without realizing we’re there!

Our team is made up of the folks in security, registration, and medical. Our headquarters is on the mezzanine, across from the central stairwell, and next to the stairs and ramps to the rooms on the third floor. (We’re right around the corner from the elevator, as well.)

Lost and Found

MFM Con Ops keeps a lost and found of items that may be lost during MFM each year. If you lose something, don’t worry, we might have it!

Tips for Getting Lost Items Returned

Every year we get a few items that we can’t find their owner. Here’s a few things you can do to make sure that we’re able to get items back to you:

  • Put something on your phone’s lock screen that identifies you. This can be artwork of your character, a photo of your badge, or even a photo of yourself.
  • Label your items with your name. It can be either your real life name, or your badge name.
  • Use a name on your con badge that people actually know you as. This seems obvious, but often times items go unclaimed simply because we can’t find their owner in our registration database.
  • Make sure you provide valid contact information when you register.

How to Search Lost and Found

Find a staffer with a radio. We don’t keep Lost and Found open to the public, but a staffer with a radio can get in contact with someone that can.

Medical Needs

Have a headache? Our medical team maintains a small supply of basic over-the-counter medicines that we can allow you to use.

Do you have medicine that requires refrigeration, or needs to be kept locked up? Our medical team can help with that as well.

How to contact the Medical Team

Our medical team is available via our radios. Contact any staffer with a radio and they’ll be able to call someone over to help. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. Once 911 has been called, contact a staffer for additional help and monitoring as needed until the paramedics have reached Mephit Fur Meet.

How to Get in Contact With Someone on MFM Con Ops

The only way we communicate at Mephit Fur Meet is via our radios. We don’t use Twitter, Facebook, texting, or any other method. The wireless service at the hotel can be spotty (or completely non-functional at times), so we “do it ourselves” and use our radios.

If you need help with something, find a staffer with a radio. They’ll know what to do, or at least know how to contact someone that does.