Trick or Treat, Vehicle Style!

Hello MFM family and Trick or Treat!!!

MFM is proud to announce that with the spooky theme of trick or treat this year, we are extending an invitation to join us in setting up the trunks of our vehicles for a parking lot “trunk or treat”! Our goal is to set up around the front round about so that after the fursuit parade, the suiters and others in costumes can come around and trick or treat at our vehicles. There are dozens of decoration ideas all over the internet so we can all have fun with the decorations and giving out goodies. There will be secret judges on the decorations and prizes will be awarded for a variety of categories of the decorations you can do to your vehicles. Join us Saturday night out front of the hotel in the circle as we bring joy to the kids of all ages!!!!!!!!!

Mephit Fur Meet 2020: Home Away from Home

It’s official! On September 5th, Mephit Fur Meet will be hosting our Virtual Convention, MFM Home Away from Home! Our staff has worked tirelessly to prepare an array of activities and video clips and gathering platforms for you all to be able to join us online. While we are sad that we are not able to have the physical closeness, we hope that the virtual gatherings will help ease the sorrow and sadness from being isolated at home, missing our furry family. We will also be hosting our auction from August 31st to September 5th here. We also encourage everyone to grab a pizza and join us on Zoom Friday September 4th for our open gathering and pizza party! We will send the link and further information about the gathering to all of our social media platforms and post it here as soon as we have the link set!

Statement on COVID-19 / Coronavirus

March 16, 2020

To our Mephit Fur Meet Family,

We’re closely watching the situation with the COVID-19 virus. As dates for Mephit Fur Meet 2020 are many months away, we are currently watching to see how the pandemic unfolds.

At this time we have no new information to report about MFM 2020.

As we get closer to MFM’s dates, we’ll have more news to share. We will follow the laws of Olive Branch, MS, as well as the best practices recommended at that time. The situation is changing by the hour, and we want to make sure we do what’s best for Mephit Fur Meet and our family as the dates for our convention approaches.

The executive staff of Mephit Fur Meet,
Alex, Blue, Bunny, Goliath, and Tyger

Pre-Registration for MFM 2019 is over!

That’s a wrap!

Pre-registration for Mephit Fur Meet 2019 is now over! If you didn’t pre-register, don’t worry, you can still come! We have door registration, too. An attending membership is $55 for the whole weekend at the door, and the prices of Sponsoring and Super Sponsoring are the same.

Thank you to everyone that pre-registered! We’re so overjoyed at the support you’ve shown us this year! 💜

We can’t wait to welcome you home for Mephit Fur Meet 2019!

The Main Hotel is full for MFM 2019!


We’ve fully booked the Whispering Woods for MFM 2019! Because of this, we’ve opened a block of rooms at the overflow hotel, which is on the corner of the property of the Whispering Woods.

Check out our hotel page for information on the overflow hotel for MFM 2019!

The MFM 2019 Dealer’s Den is full!

We have some great news! The Dealer’s Den for Mephit Fur Meet 2019 is full! We do have a waiting list available if you’d like to be added to in in the case of a cancelation. Please contact our Dealer’s Den staff if you are interested in being added to the MFM 2019 Dealer’s Den waiting list.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to our dealers for MFM 2019!

Pre-Registration for MFM 2018 is over!

Pre-registration for MFM 2018 is over!

We’d like to extend a huuuuuge thank you to everyone that pre-registered! We’ve been blown away with the support you’ve shown us!! 💗💯

If you didn’t pre-register in time, that’s just fine. You can still register at the door! The price for door registration is $50, and the line usually isn’t very long.

We’ll see you at Mephit Fur Meet 2018!

Pre-registration for Mephit Fur Meet 2018 closes Aug 3rd, 2018!

Have you pre-registered for MFM 2018? If not, you’d better hurry, because it closes on August 3rd, 2018!

After pre-registration closes, you’ll still be able to attend MFM, but you’ll have to register at the door, and will have to pay door registration prices. ($50 for attending, rather than $45.)

We tend to run out of some sizes of shirts pretty early into the convention. Pre-registering is the only way to ensure you’ll be able to get the size you want. Door registration sizes are first come, first serve, and while we make an attempt to figure out what sizes we’ll need, we always tend to run out of popular sizes.

If you’d like to pre-register for MFM 2018, hop over to our registration page and check it out! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our registration team. They’ll do their best to help you!

The Whispering Woods is almost full for MFM 2018!

The Whispering Woods hotel is down to just a few rooms left for Mephit Fur Meet 2018! If you still haven’t booked a hotel room, now would be a good time to do so! If their online system reports that the hotel is full, please give them a call.

Once the main hotel is full, we’ll open our room block at the overflow hotel, which is next door.