MFM is Looking for a Few Good Volunteers!

MFM needs volunteers to help with it’s many panels, activities, and operations. By working just 15 hours over the length of the Meet, you can earn a roll-over membership for next year’s Meet.

The MFM staff will need help with the following: Registration, Security, Dealer’s Den set-up and removal, computer room set-up Auction, clean-up, and other NIRTS areas (Need It Right This Second). You don’t have to work in one place; you can pick where you’d like to help, providing that there is need.

Oh, did I mention Overtime? You can earn time and a half for helping initial set-up and teardown Thursday and Monday. So, for every 1 hour you work those days, you earn 1.5 hours!

And if you don’t work enough hours to make a comped membership, we’ll still thank you with something special. But the Fur with the most hours worked will receive a hearty pawshake, a slap on the back, and the Joy of knowing that Staff really appreciated the work. Oh, and something REALLY super spiffy to take home with you too.

Need more information, please sign up here!