Dealer’s Den

The Dealer’s Den for Mephit Fur Meet 2018 is full! We have started a waiting list in the event of a cancelation. Please contact our Dealer’s Den staff if you wish to be on it.

Confirmed Dealers for Mephit Fur Meet 2018

Dealer Name Website Address Selling Description
3D artist Badge work, prints, 3D lenticular prints, custom art work of all kinds
Art by Zhivago Art A wide variety of furry tshirts with many different species. You can see our awesome selection here: We have been vendors at many other furry cons, including MFF, BLFC, Alamo City Furry Invasion, Anthro Northwest, MCFC and others. We also have contracts to help several large furry youtubers well at cons, including Majira Strawberry, Telephone, Vixndwnq, Kero the Wolf, and others.
Blueberry Kitten Soaps Soaps, bath bombs and other goodies
Brats Cubed Jewelry, runes, custom clothing for adults and stuffies
Comic Wreck Posters, prints,
Crows Nest of Treasure Pachtes, stuffed animals, clothing
DocBolt Art
Fur Planet Productions Furry books, comics, and art collections
Furry Logic Productions Books, rare/out of print DVDs
GrayElf Graphics Furry art, anime art, assorted mayhem
InkedFur Comics, art books, dakimakuras, prints, posters, and mousepads.
J3T Commissions, buttons, books, resin figures
Jamie Kirkland 3D printed items 3D Commissions Fursuit Head Bases Fursuit Claws, Eye Bases, Noses, Ect.
JayKayBaby Badge clips. Vinyl stickers. Babyfur/abdl products: Vinyl decorated adult pacifiers and bottles. Adult pacifier clips.
Kawaii Kaiju Plushies, lanyards, paddles, badges and more
Kyo’s Kreations Tails, art, sculptures, stuffies, cotton candy.
Kyoht Art & books
Laughing Rabbit Graphics Artwork by Michael Angel Peña and plush toys by Douglas
Legion Printing / FIGS Comics, games, onsite printing
Lemonbrat Studios animal hoodies, kigurumi, fursuit, fursuit parts, animal gifts
M&T Comics Comics, graphical novels, text novels
Noxychu Art Stuff
Odds n Ends Embroidered bags, napkins, patches, custom boxes and jewelry
Otterly Amazing Tails, ears, paws
Paws ‘n’ Claws Cosplay Studio Tails, badges, shirts, fursuit cleaning products, fursuits Custom arts, prints, illustrations, stuff
Rika Custom badges, prints, wall scrolls, dakimakura, stickers, pins
Scotik Productions Art, craft, fursuit, kigus
SpazzyCat Studios Lanyards, bandanas, bags, snap tabs, and custom embroidery
Three Tail Foxx & Kitsune Doodles & Foxx Family Farms Pony Art (commission, prints), farm foods, floggers, buttons
Tiger Haven Charity
TJA Productions / Cats n’ Cameras laser engraved items /web comic materials
Verias’ Art Studios Art prints and original commissions
With Love Comics All the things

Prices this Year

One table: $40
Two tables: $65
Three tables: $90

To request space in the dealer room, please go to the registration website and complete a registration. Once you have completed a registration, you can request dealer room space. Payment for the dealer room space is required once the space is approved.

Our policies for the dealer room may be found here.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our dealer coordinator.