Dealer’s Den

At this point, the dealer room for 2017 is full! If you’d like to be put on the waiting list, please go to the registration website and request a table. No payment for registration or dealer table will be due until and unless you receive a table.

Dealers For Mephit Fur Meet 2017

Please note: MFM does not control the content on dealer websites. Some page may include adult material or themes.

Dealer Description Location
Art by Rabbi Tom Original art, T-shirts, comics, DVDs  55
Blue Berry Kitten Soaps Misc Soaps, cosmetics, art and fursuit supplies.  18
Boper9 Commission, mini comics, prints  17
Charles Ettinger prints, commission sketches, t-shirts, badges, original art, all done by me.  15
Comic Wreck Posters, Prints and related supplies – and Anthro Comics  19 – 21
Crows Nest of Treasures Patches, Plushes, Amigurumis, Dice bags, Custom Works  50
Foxes and Peppers CD’s and Vinyl Albums  49
FurPlanet Productions Furry novels, anthologies, comics, and more!  32 – 34
Furry Logic Productions furry-themed novels, rare/out of print DVDs  51
Gray Elf Graphics All traditional medium artwork, including furry and anime style pieces. On offer: In stock and custom furry paintings, badges, reference sheets, custom animation cels, wooden animals, commissions, magnets, tails, prints, portfolios, stone animals, GreyJunk art, adult furry and Yaoi comics.  23 – 25
J3T Commission, books, chubbehbunnehs  13
Jas’ Crafts Embroidered towels, blankets, woodburned crafts, jewelry boxes  6 – 7
Kawaii Kaiju Plushies, bows, badges and cute accessories!  39
Kitsune Doodles & 3 Tail Foxx 41 – 42
Laughing Rabbit Graphics Artwork by Michael Angel Pena and plush toys by Douglas.  52 – 53
Legion Printing / FIGS Comics, games, printing services  35 – 37
Lemonbrat Studios Hoodies, tails, ears, fursuit partials and full suits  45 – 47
M & T Comics and Cards comics, graphic novels, games, toys, novelties, portfolios, art cds, and DVDs  28 – 29
Noxychu Arts art prints, buttons, mini badges, sketch commissions  31
Otterly Amazing I will be selling tails  30
PawPad Printing Plush/printed material  26 – 27
Paws’n’Claws Cosplay Wearable, handmade premade tails, ears, paws, fursuit repair kits, t-shirts, custom badges, tail keychains and hats.  38 Custom art and prints  5
Reygr ART Traditional art, badges, prints, key chains, stickers, t-shirts, flower crowns, and other little trinkets!  43 – 44
scotik productions Art prints, Art commissions, and Cosplay/fursuit supply to help build costumes.  16
Syco Kaiyote Arts Prints of original artwork, buttons, sketch commissions. 54
The Blank Flank My Little Pony & toy merchandise  8 – 9
TJA Productions / Cats n’ Cameras Laser engraved items, CD’s, Commissions  10 – 12
White Wolf Creations Badges, sketches, prints, pawprint merchandise, art supplies and Rabbit Valley comics.  4
With Love Comics Buttons, Bookmarks, and commissions!  48
Wolfaya paintings, drawings and badges mostly. Might have toys and tshirts as well as prints.  14
Zhivago Apparel, Stickers, Prints  56 – 57

Prices this Year

One table: $35
Two tables: $65
Three tables: $90

To request space in the dealer room, please go to the registration website and complete a registration. Once you have completed a registration, you can request dealer room space. Payment for the dealer room space is required once the space is approved.

Our policies for the dealer room may be found here.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our dealer coordinator.