As in years past MFM will be holding a charity auction to benefit Tiger Haven, a safe home for big cats. In order for this auction to be a success we need your help. Donations are needed, neat things that you have or find make the auction possible. We also need your attendance at the auction. We hope you are making plans to join us at MFM and while you’re at it be thinking about what you can donate. Then while at MFM be sure to visit the auction and bid on something. The big cats thank you!

Tiger Haven Logo

Tiger Haven is a safe haven for big cats. Tiger Haven rescues large cats such as lions, tigers, and panthers from all over the United States. These big cats may be anything from older circus or zoo cats, to cats that were obtained illegally or were neglected or abused. Once these cats have been rescued by Tiger Haven, they have a forever home. Tiger Haven is a no kill shelter that does not sell or breed their cats.

Tiger Haven started with just one cat many years ago and has grown to over 250 big cats. All these cats require enclosures to live in, food and veterinary care. These costs add up and care for each cat costs thousands each year. Tiger Haven is a nonprofit organization, which means that they rely on donations from caring individuals. The auction held each year at Mephit Fur Meet is often the largest single contributer to Tiger Haven. Beyond the normal care for the big cats, the money raised at MFM has built multiple enclosures for Tiger Haven. These are nice enclosures that become a forever home for a big cat in need.

Tiger Haven is located in eastern Tennessee and usually affords MFM a couple of their long time workers to be with us at MFM and at the charity auction. This is not a nameless, faceless organization that we are blindly helping. These workers will happily answer any questions you have about Tiger Haven. These people work hard everyday to ensure these big cats have a safe and comfortable home for life.

Money or items donated to the charity auction held every year at MFM all go directly to Tiger Haven to be used to help these big cats in need. These big cats cannot personally thank you but their appreciation for their great care is seen everyday by the workers of Tiger Haven. On behalf of these big cats who now enjoy a safe home in the caring walls of Tiger Haven we wish to thank you for any help you can give.