MFM Room Party Rules

1. Please respect our host, Room Party signs will be posted only on MFM bulletin boards.

2. All parties serving alcohol must ID members being served, regardless of Badge Type.

3. ANY party serving alcohol to an underage member will be closed and all members involved with the offending party will lose their memberships without recourse and be reported to local law enforcement.

4. Security, Operations, and Con-Directors can and will check ID’s of suspected underage members attending room parties on a random basis.

5. Any Room Party that becomes overly loud or is disturbing the peace will be given an opportunity by Convention Security to settle down.  If the Room party is unable to settle down, security will be forced to end the party.  Hotel quiet hours begin at 11:00 pm, and any noise complaints after that time will result in shutting the party down. 

6. Since room parties are considered a part of the convention, by acknowledgement of these rules,all party attendees and staff must have a badge:i.e. No Badge – No Con.

7. Any “R” rated parties are required to have “Door Sitters” to verify all attendees are over 18 years of age.

 Any “R” rated party without a “Door Sitter” or allowing underage members to attend WILL be closed immediately.

 (For this article, “R” rated is meant to include any dress not acceptable on the street, as well as any activity which could be deemed obscene by local laws.)

8. Party Stickers on Badges.

Our convention badges are there for our use, not to keep track of who has been to which party. If you must use stickers you may place them on the back of the Badge Cover.

 These rules are not meant to be a hindrance to anyone’s room party, but are in place to ensure a fun and safe convention for all our members.

All “Convention Rules” as stated in our Code of Conduct are also applicable.