Trick or Treat, Vehicle Style!

Hello MFM family and Trick or Treat!!!

MFM is proud to announce that with the spooky theme of trick or treat this year, we are extending an invitation to join us in setting up the trunks of our vehicles for a parking lot “trunk or treat”! Our goal is to set up around the front round about so that after the fursuit parade, the suiters and others in costumes can come around and trick or treat at our vehicles. There are dozens of decoration ideas all over the internet so we can all have fun with the decorations and giving out goodies. There will be secret judges on the decorations and prizes will be awarded for a variety of categories of the decorations you can do to your vehicles. Join us Saturday night out front of the hotel in the circle as we bring joy to the kids of all ages!!!!!!!!!

Mephit Fur Meet 2020: Home Away from Home

It’s official! On September 5th, Mephit Fur Meet will be hosting our Virtual Convention, MFM Home Away from Home! Our staff has worked tirelessly to prepare an array of activities and video clips and gathering platforms for you all to be able to join us online. While we are sad that we are not able to have the physical closeness, we hope that the virtual gatherings will help ease the sorrow and sadness from being isolated at home, missing our furry family. We will also be hosting our auction from August 31st to September 5th here. We also encourage everyone to grab a pizza and join us on Zoom Friday September 4th for our open gathering and pizza party! We will send the link and further information about the gathering to all of our social media platforms and post it here as soon as we have the link set!