Pre-Registration for MFM 2018 is over!

Pre-registration for MFM 2018 is over!

We’d like to extend a huuuuuge thank you to everyone that pre-registered! We’ve been blown away with the support you’ve shown us!! 💗💯

If you didn’t pre-register in time, that’s just fine. You can still register at the door! The price for door registration is $50, and the line usually isn’t very long.

We’ll see you at Mephit Fur Meet 2018!

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Pre-registration for Mephit Fur Meet 2018 closes Aug 3rd, 2018!

Have you pre-registered for MFM 2018? If not, you’d better hurry, because it closes on August 3rd, 2018!

After pre-registration closes, you’ll still be able to attend MFM, but you’ll have to register at the door, and will have to pay door registration prices. ($50 for attending, rather than $45.)

We tend to run out of some sizes of shirts pretty early into the convention. Pre-registering is the only way to ensure you’ll be able to get the size you want. Door registration sizes are first come, first serve, and while we make an attempt to figure out what sizes we’ll need, we always tend to run out of popular sizes.

If you’d like to pre-register for MFM 2018, hop over to our registration page and check it out! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our registration team. They’ll do their best to help you!

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The Whispering Woods is almost full for MFM 2018!

The Whispering Woods hotel is down to just a few rooms left for Mephit Fur Meet 2018! If you still haven’t booked a hotel room, now would be a good time to do so! If their online system reports that the hotel is full, please give them a call.

Once the main hotel is full, we’ll open our room block at the overflow hotel, which is next door.

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The MFM 2018 Dealer’s Den is Full!

The dealer’s den for Mephit Fur Meet 2018 is full! We’ve started a waiting list if you’d like to be considered in the event of a cancelation. Please contact our Dealer’s Den staff if you’d like to be on it.

We’ve also posted the listing of the confirmed Dealers for MFM 2018! It on our Dealer’s Den page.

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MFM 2018 Early Bird Registration Ends Dec 1, 2017

Early bird registration for Mephit Fur Meet 2018 expires on Dec 1st, 2017!

After this the cost of pre-registration will increase to $45. You can save yourself $5 by registering by Dec 1st!

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MFM 2017 Attendee Feedback Survey

If you attended Mephit Fur Meet in 2017, we would really appreciate it if you would leave us some feedback. We take your feedback super seriously; most of the changes that we made in 2017 were directly driven based on attendee feedback from 2016.

If you’d like to leave us some feedback, we invite you to take our 2017 Mephit Fur Meet Attendee Survey!

Thank you so much!

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Pre-Registration for Mephit Fur Meet 2018 is now Open!

Pre-registration for Mephit Fur Meet 2018 is now open!

If you want to register for MFM 2018, check out our registration page for information on how to get started. One of the best ways to get over being sad that an amazing con ended is to start thinking about how much fun the next one will be!

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Pre-Registration for MFM 2017 is now closed!

Pre-Registration for Mephit Fur Meet 2017 is now closed! If you forgot to register, that’s okay! Door registration will be available every day during the convention.

Thank you to everyone that registered, and we’ll see you at MFM in a few weeks!

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Pre-Registration for MFM 2017 Closes Aug 4th, 2017

Pre-registration for MFM 2017 closes August 4th, 2017. That’s less than two weeks from now!

As a reminder, each year we run out of some sizes of T-Shirts pretty early into the meet. The only way to be promised to get the shirt size you want is to pre-register — what we have at the door is first-come, first-serve, and we can’t promise we’ll have all of the different sizes available.

If you’re planning on coming to MFM 2017, why not save yourself a few dollars and get the T-Shirt size you want by pre-registering! We’re almost down to the final hours! 🙂

If you can’t pre-register, it’s okay. We’ll still have door registration available, but at higher prices.

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Looking for a Ride or Room Share for MFM 2017?

Are you looking for a ride or room share? Our friends at ConRoomies are here to help!! It’s a place where you can look for roommates, or people to help carpool with to cut down on costs.

You can click on the link in this news item, or it’s over on the right hand side on every page.

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