Mephit Fur Meet 2022: COVID Safety Protocols, Mask Recommendations, and Sanitary Measures

Before messaging or emailing us, please read the following in its entirety.

Dear Mephit Fur Meet attendees,

Thank you so much for your support over the years, and thank you even more for the support you’ve shown us in the last year. This pandemic took away our chance to come together in 2020, took many of our jobs and hurt and claimed so many people dear to us. MFM has worked hard to make sure we will still be here when the time comes we can be together again. We have tried to be hopeful and cautions that we could have some good news about MFM 2022.  We are finally able to give you our latest update and what to expect for this year’s Mephit Fur Meet.

We hope to walk the fine line between safe and fun, and we hope you’ll walk it with us. We’ve outlined many of these points in a frequently asked question style below. If there’s a question you have that isn’t answered, please feel free to send us a message or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We recommend everyone get vaccinated, please stay safe, mask up, wash your hands, and remember that the night is always darkest before the dawn.

Q: What is MFM’s position on Covid Safety Protocols

A: The position of the Mephit Fur Meet is that COVID is real, masks are good, and vaccines are wonderful. We urge everyone to get their vaccine as soon as possible and if you are coming to MFM, please know we are doing everything possible to keep everyone safe including suggesting everyone to wear masks in any MFM controlled area of the hotel. We follow all CDC guidance on what is suggested for Covid-19 prevention. 

Q: Will we be required to wear masks?

A: In response to the rise in cases of the new variants, Mid South Tennessee Anthropomorphic Arts Association DBA Mephit Fur Meet, will suggest the use of infection prevention measures including the use of facial coverings herein to be referred to as “face masks.”  

We at Mephit Fur Meet strive to provide a safe and friendly environment for the gathering of our like minded family members to distance themselves from the strain of everyday life and reunite with friends and loved ones from across the globe in a relaxed environment.  However, due to the conditions of the infectious disease currently affecting the world, we have to suggest the use of face masks, in accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines set forth by the various health agencies.  We have several locations that have hand sanitizer and encourage each and every patron to use sanitizer after touching shared surfaces (IE keyboards, door handles, money, various products and goods) and to remember to wash your hands often and with soap.  We remind everyone that a mask isn’t strictly to protect you but is there to protect others from what you may exhale. Also, masks with the one-way valve for exhalation are not recommended by the CDC as they do not filter what you exhale.  

We would also like to encourage those that use reusable masks, to remember that they need washing after every use.  We remind everyone that there is an onsite washer and dryer available, but also that sink washing with laundry soap and hanging to dry overnight is also acceptable.  We will strive to have our health and safety teams available to offer screening questions and non-contact temperature checks.  

Q: What other restrictions might be in place?

A: Other restrictions may include changing MFM event room locations, providing more room for lines, spacing out seating, or other layout and schedule modifications.In addition to periodically disinfecting conference and ballrooms with a spray disinfectant aerosol. 

Q: What sanitary measures will you take?

A: We will have hand sanitizer stations throughout MFM, the facility will be cleaned throughout the day, and some team members may wear gloves, staff may also be wearing masks. All our spaces will be periodically fogged with a disinfectant spray. 

Q: What additional measures of safety will the Con Suite aka the Critter Cafe be taking?

A: Our Critter Cafe staff has always had ServSafe certified staff in addition to a ServSafe Certified Food Manager as well. We are moving the Critter Cafe to the Evergreen Room (the big restaurant area) for better social distancing, our staff will be serving things in individual portions in bags, cups, bowls. The staff will also help get your  coffee or tea  this year. We have a long restaurant background so we have looked into every safety aspect possible including individually wrapped plasticware and such. All staff are vaccinated and will be gloved and masked when working around food. 

Q: What sanitary measures should we as attendees take?

A: Bring your own sanitizer, wash your hands frequently, wear a mask anytime you are in the hotel public space or in MFM con spaces (ballrooms and conference rooms)  and be mindful of others.

Q: I stay at Whispering Woods. Are they taking extra precautions?

A: Yes, they are providing extra cleaning and sanitary measures to ensure your safety.

Q: What if I’m not feeling so hot one of the days at MFM?

A: Please stay home. Although we want to share the joy of MFM with as many people as possible, we must all practice our best efforts to not spread a virus, whether that be COVID-19 or something else. Get tested, rest up, and we’ll see you soon. If you don’t feel good at MFM, please contact a member of our medical team. 

Q: Can I volunteer to help at the event?

A: Yes, please see our website for more information!

We hope your questions and concerns have been answered in the above FAQ. If not, please message us and we’ll answer right away.