Introducing our 2017 Musical Guests

We’re very happy to introduce our 2017 Musical Guests, Fox and Pepper, and Husky in Denial!

Fox and Pepper have performed all over the world, and they debuted their first collaborative album Hashtag in July of 2016. Fox Amoore released his second Abbey Road Studios album The Dreamcatcher at Anthrocon this year with a live concert featuring Pepper and other musicians in the fandom.

Husky in Denial returns to Mephit Fur Meet again in 2017 with his cool blend of indie rock, art rock, and trip hop with animal nerve and autistic eccentricity. Buck Riley has been a regular at MFM for a while, performing concerts and often times in our Masquerade on Sunday afternoon.

Please join us in welcoming our Musical Guests to Mephit Fur Meet 2017!

MFM 2017 Theme: True Colors


The main theme for Mephit Fur Meet 2017 “True Colors”!

We want to see what makes you, well, you! Show us what makes you unique and different. The furry fandom is full of wonderful diverse people and characters, and it’s this diversity that makes it so much fun.

We can’t wait for Mephit Fur Meet 2017 when we can celebrate the diversity that is in our family!

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Mephit Fur Meet is Almost Here!

Mephit Fur Meet is just under two weeks away! Can you believe it??

There’s a few things we wanted to remind you of as you’re getting ready to join us in Memphis!

  • Remember that you’ll need a government-issued photo ID with your birthday on it when you check in. Our reg staff wants to make sure you are you. We’ve had to turn people away before for not having it, and we really don’t like doing that. 🙁
  • We’re accepting cash and most major credit cards this year. Sorry, no checks.
  • Please don’t leave anything valuable in your car in plain sight. (Things like electronics, medications, money… all that.) Either hide it, or bring it in with you.
  • If you have a service animal with you, please don’t leave them in your car when you go inside. While Labor Day is the end of summer, we’re still in the south, and the heat is not over by a long shot.
  • The hotel will charge your card on file for the first night’s stay 72 hours before you check in. If you need to cancel, be sure and do it before then. If you’ve changed credit cards in the past year, make sure they have the correct one on file.
  • We’ve updated our Code of Conduct for 2016. You might want to read it before you come.

Help us promote MFM! As you’re making your way to Memphis, let the world know! We’re on Twitter at and Facebook at The Twitter hashtag for this year is #mephit2016.

If you’re going to be less than 18 years old on the first day of MFM, be sure and bring your Minor Consent Form. Remember that it must be notarized. You can download it here.

Finally! The final programming schedule has been posted on our website. Check it out here:

The mobile version is pretty neat!

That’s it!


Please be safe getting here, and we just can’t wait to welcome you home at Mephit Fur Meet 2016!

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